I love Linzer Tortes

I love Linzer Tortes



I love Linzer Tortes.  Those cookies with the fluffy powdered sugar and the raspberry jam you can see oozing through the scalloped cut hole in the center of the sandwiched cookie?


I bet I could count on one hand the number of people who know about this passion of mine.  Mom and Dad. My children.  Mueller’s Bakery in Bay Head, NJ, who incidentally, make the absolute best Linzer Torte cookies around.


We all have secret passions that no one really knows about.  I was thinking about this the other day; how many intensely positive and pleasurable passions we all have and how, when you discover another’s unique passion, your understanding of that individual flies in dozens of new directions. The palette of colorful things you knew about that person expands and explodes.


Me loving Linzer Tortes?  It tells you I am crazy stupid about dessert. I have always and still do love dessert.  What else does it tell you?  It evokes the little known old-fashioned side of me, the one that believes butter and sugar are good for the soul and who once sewed a dozen different log cabin patterned quilts.  Deeper questioning would uncover my love of bakeries, memories of visiting one New Jersey ethnic bakery for bread and another across the street for danish and pastries, after church as a youngster.  Then, knowing this about me, you would have to endure my sad laments about the lack of bakery diversity in the gorgeous countryside of Chester County, PA.  Within two minutes, hearing about this love of Linzer Tortes unravels so much more about me.


It is the same for the products and solutions we all sell.  Finding the truly unique aspects of our companies and solutions does not happen upon first thought. Often we are too close to our own products and “sales” scripts to slowly, deeply place ourselves into the shoes of our customers and see our own products with fresh eyes.  With the patience to truly listen for the intimate and passionate reasons our satisfied clients actually come back to us, again and again, we can uncover unique fresh and imaginative messages for our sales and marketing outreach.  Trust me, the reasons clients love you is almost assuredly not for the reasons you assume.


What if we could tell our clients something truly intimate and deeply unique about our own products? Would it not change the way they know us? When you walk into a bakery this winter, for a hot coffee or whipped hot chocolate, be ready for the gentle aromas stirring up new thoughts about your business.  Find the secret passion that clients have for your business and you’ll enable your company to tap into something delicious.