Bad Habits Hit Home

Bad Habits Hit Home

Bad habits do hit home, literally.


I recently came across a list on Business Insider’s site discussing 12 bad habits that keep us from being productive and I was struck by how close to home it hit for me. And I say this literally, because I am one of the lucky, in a growing trend, that has the opportunity to work virtually, often from home.




As I sit to write this blog, I find myself simultaneously listening to a podcast about 4 foods to avoid to improve digestive health (not surprisingly, they contain chemicals and artificial sweeteners). Also not surprising: I am not doing either of these tasks particularly well.


So, of course, I decide to check my Twitter feed instead. Bingo! There is the list of 12 Bad Habits You Should Break to Be More Productive. Pretty obvious suggestions, but glancing at the comprehensive list made me realize I am guilty of at least 8 of the 12.


  • Multitasking – Did I mention I am listening to the digestive health study while trying to write this blog?
  • Impulsive Web Browsing – How do you think I found the study in the first place?
  • Checking Email – I should definitely forward this study to some friends….

As a professional who works from home with a semi-virtual (awesome) team of colleagues, communicating primarily electronically, all while staring at piles of laundry and dishes, it is no wonder I’m guilty of many of the items on the list.


But I also find the flexible work environment energizing, creative, and rewarding and consider myself lucky to be a part of this team.  I owe a great deal to my colleague and president of McDAY, Susan Stipa, who has inspired me to use all my talents, including the ones that have me always seeking interesting information on our clients, even when I am simultaneously writing, throwing in laundry and calling editors.  She is truly the expert on managing time and priorities, as she is only guilty of one item on the list…to remain unnamed.


I look forward to kicking some bad habits this year….