Former President of McDAY to receive local award

Former President of McDAY to receive local award

February 15, 2016 – The McDAY staff would like to congratulate Bill & Natalie McLaughlin on receiving The 2016 Taoiseach, or “Chieftain,” Award from the Irish American Business Chamber’s (“IABCN”) Ambassador’s Awards.


BN_McDayNatalie McLaughlin is the former president of McDAY and she and Bill McLaughlin continue to advise and assist our McDAY team on a regular and ongoing basis


The Taoiseach Award recognizes individuals of Irish decent who have exemplified leadership and compassion and will be presented at the Ambassador’s Awards event on February 26, 2016, at the Union League’s Lincoln Ballroom. The McDAY team will be there in full force, to applaud Natalie and Bill’s long-term commitment to bringing together the Irish community in Philadelphia through his founding of the IABCN


Susan Stipa, current president of McDAY, commented:


“I can remember the year Bill McLaughlin started the Irish American Business Chamber – he was out of the office all the time, meeting people and connecting people across the pond in Ireland, to those here in Philadelphia. Honestly, we thought he was a little crazy, then, but today we can see the result of such vision – that the IABCN is nearing 600 members strong! Congratulations, Bill and Natalie!”

The Ambassador Award itself will be presented to Almac Group with Kevin Stephens, Group Finance Director, accepting the award on behalf of Alma.