Why him and not me?

Why him and not me?

Been wondering why your colleagues are being asked to speak at so many industry events? What about your old engineering classmate who is appearing in all the pharmaceutical technical publications you read?


You never even knew he could write!


His clients are really noticing. He is making a personal name for himself as a Subject Matter Expert, and his company is reaping the benefits.


What’s really happening here?


Screen-Shot-2016-03-08-at-2.26.53-PMYour colleague’s company hired McDAY to talk to editors on their behalf. McDay is a technical marketing and public relations agency. We conduct interviews with your colleague, do the background research and then go talk to editors about it. The best news? We even ghostwrite the articles.


You say your work is too technical? That no one could write those articles for you?


They could, if they had actually lived those jobs.


McDay has. We are chemical engineers, materials engineers, biochemists, mathematicians, and biologists who have worked in industry.


Clients are comfortable because we speak their language.


We can help your company get the press coverage it needs – and take care of all the hard stuff, like writing! Editors in the pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industry know us, and last year took over 95% of the articles we pitched.


Go see our latest successful article placement in LifeScienceConnect last month. Then get in touch with Susan and get your company noticed.