How Coca-Cola is #Winning the Holidays

How Coca-Cola is #Winning the Holidays

Tis’ the season to appreciate a really good, old-fashioned holiday commercials! Picture sitting around your living room with your friends and family, the smell of a wood-burning fire and pine needles, and then, a brilliantly colored red Coca-Cola slogan and Santa Claus grace your T.V. screen. Coke, notorious for their catchy jingles and upbeat vibes, has prominently featured Santa Claus in their campaigns since 1920.


santa-coca-cola-christmas-1931-620x806According to Coke’s website, Coca-Cola commissioned Michigan-born illustrator Haddon Sundblom to develop advertising images using Santa Claus in 1931. Sunblom depicted Santa as warm, friendly, pleasantly plump and very human-like. Rumor has it that Coke’s Santa was the first ever portrayal of the present day Saint Nick.


Over the years, Sunblom’s Santa has been slightly altered but has still kept his classic red coat and jolly visage. Through this depiction of Santa, Coke literally became the face of Christmas.


One thing Coke’s advertising has always done really well, and continues to do, is stick to their roots. Coke’s Santa is extremely endearing – giving consumers that warm, snuggly feeling that everyone wants to feel during the holidays. Over the years, Coke has displayed numerous commercials featuring vintage Santa and although each year the animation and images get better, Santa still spreads holiday cheer by sipping out of a glass Coke bottle.


Starbucks and Target have tried to work this theme with their holiday commercials, but our feeling is that no one seems to #win the holiday season as well as Coca-Cola – after all, it’s almost as if they created Santa Claus!




Holiday cheer never goes out of style. This year the McDAY team will be spreading cheer as they celebrate their holiday party during the Ugly Sweater Run in Philadelphia! A Warm Coat ( has been purchased for each employee and client who participates!


Stay tuned for the ugly sweater (and sweaty!) photos of our race and have a wonderful Holiday Season!