5 Things Every Technical Company Needs from Their Marketing Team

5 Things Every Technical Company Needs from Their Marketing Team

When it comes to marketing a complex product, or creating buzz about your highly technical company, it can be hard to figure out what the right team actually looks like. Whether it’s getting you the attention you deserve at trade shows, publishing your experts’ articles in leading industry magazines, or simply finding ways to help you better connect with your target market, the agency you need is crucial to furthering your company’s presence.  So, what does that translate to in terms of seeking out a marketing agency for your technical products and services?


  1. Expertise: You understand your company to its core – and you want to work with a marketing team that has a similar understanding of your business. Do engineers form the core of your client base? Choosing a team that has engineers (or scientists or financial whizzes) on staff may allow for an ease of communication that will be critical to your technical team’s trust of you, and the agency you choose.


  1. Creativity Meets Technical: Your information might go over the heads of those outside your industry, but the businesses you’re targeting should be able to connect instantly with your latest breakthroughs. This is easy to achieve when you’re working with an agency or marketing team that has the technical skills to deeply understand the nuances of what you are launching, and can demonstrate the creative depth to develop memorable campaigns.


Ask for samples of past campaigns, and how they developed the content.  Did they just ask their clients to produce it, or did the agency’s creative team participate in meetings to hear, understand and then, go off and create?


  1. Personalized PR Expertise: Find a team that doesn’t just preach social media and advertising but also understands the value of connecting with the editors, journalists and influencers in the industr(ies) that are part of your marketing strategy. The unsung key to marketing success is not just SEO and social media, it is personalized PR. Finding a way to encourage others to write about you and your new products is hard work and it is very much about the personal relationships that can be built, by a great agency, with influencers in the industry.  Make sure your agency has PR connections in your  One easy way?  Check the principals’ LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Do they include journalists? In your industry? Hmmm….


  1. Sales Connectivity: Does your agency understand the sales process? Will they just throw campaigns over the fence to you and hope that they connect with your sales team?   Ask questions about results of past campaigns and ask for references, not just from your agency’s marketing client base…. ask to check in with heads of sale and see if they enjoyed working with the agency you are considering! A wild idea? Maybe. But, particularly in the world of technical and technology, an ability to translate a marketing message to be effectively leveraged by sales teams is critical! You want an agency who understands that their value comes from helping their clients increase revenue, not just in developing really cool campaigns.


  1. Genuinely Good People: The agency-client relationship can mean spending a lot of time together. Its OK to tell yourself that you want to work with nice people. Good people. Kind People.  Don’t often hear those words in the agency world made famous by Mad Men, but give yourself permission to decide if you truly like the principals in the firm and the account managers that you will be working with! Do they return your phone calls.  Write genuine emails which reference something besides work? What you are working on is exciting, and the team you select should be genuinely enthusiastic about it! Finding a team who is genuinely interested in your improved process, material or new idea, means finding the ones who want to tell people about you as much as you do.


When all the other criteria above are met, when you meet an agency you genuinely enjoy? That’s your team.


When the products and solutions are as complex as those found in pharmaceutical and biotech, oil/gas and chemical manufacturing, the multi-layered world of finance, or the newest high tech solutions, choosing the right people to work with makes all the difference. With 25 years of experience with award-winning campaigns, and a team of highly skilled professionals who understand your world, McDAY is proud to be a Scientific PR and Technical Marketing Firm, and are honored to have been named one of the Best PR Firms in Philadelphia.