Holiday Ads Are Here

Holiday Ads Are Here

Not The Super Bowl…But…Almost As Great: Holiday Ads Are Here!  And it’s not too late to get on Santa’s Nice List


I’m that girl. The one that watches football with the guys. Hates to be in the kitchen washing dishes and gossiping when there’s a game on. But secretly I also LOVE commercials. And it is one of my favorite times of year again – when companies compete for holiday viewers by staging their heartwarming and often multi-million dollar holiday ads. It might be better than the Super Bowl.


You can see our favorite “list” of the best holiday ads here (thanks, AdWeek!)


It seems to be primarily a British thing, this big spend and great anticipation for Christmas advertising – Heathrow airport’s cute little granny and grandpa bears, holding hands as they make their way through the holiday chaos, and John Lewis’s much anticipated Christmas ads, are two great examples. And social media has allowed companies to tease their consumers nearly a month ahead of time with hashtags they hope will go viral.


We’re a small company here at McDay, but we took a shot at our own holiday video. We discovered that the “real Santa” is actually a Philly boy, a subtle nod to our hometown office in Center City. Santa had a little trouble competing this year with the Mall Santas and he gets pretty irate….



So, have a peek and keep making Santa’s Nice List. #OnTheNiceList



And Happy Holidays to all of our clients, friends & families.