McDAY President Among Thrive Global’s 99 “Limit Breaking” Female Founders

McDAY President Among Thrive Global’s 99 “Limit Breaking” Female Founders

Susan Stipa

Susan Stipa, President of McDAY, among Thrive Global’s 99 “Limit Breaking” Female Founders

Our president, Susan Stipa, is humbled to be listed among Thrive Global‘s inspiring group of women business leaders. Each woman represents an incredibly wide, and wise, variety of dreams, stories, and successes.

For McDAY, our 2017 #OnTheNiceList holiday campaign was not a marketing gimmick. Our company firmly believes that kindness will not only pay off in the long run in life, but it is also great for business. We are chemical engineers, industrial engineers, creative designers, webmasters, and social media enthusiasts. This mixture of backgrounds is unique and gives our clients great reasons to want to work with us. But, deep down, what we think has made our business great? Kindness. Being nice. Treating our clients like people.

It isn’t weak or less professional, or less serious to make kindness a core business value. I’ve never been involved with a business plan that is executing so precisely to plan and beyond by focusing on this one purpose, for our people and our clients. Kindness means treating others like you’d treat your children, your grandmother…and you know what? It also means listening, getting inside their heads and hearts, their desires, and then, executing against that!”

Susan credits her mother and father for their unwavering support throughout her life.

I thank my mom and dad all the time for gifts they bequeathed me — an ability to read uncannily fast (thousands of childhood books read, and still reading 3–4 a week), and the ability to write quickly and effectively. An innate ability to make decisions fast has turned friends and family’s “Susan” vocabulary from “headstrong” and “dissatisfied” and morphed it into “decisive”and “visionary.” Success alters a lot of people’s viewpoints and that’s just something to enjoy — and all the more reason to trust your own inner strengths and keep pushing ahead.”

We encourage everyone to scroll through the full list and be inspired by this array of extremely driven entrepreneurs.